The Unmanned Ground Vehicles Autonomy Trials (UGV-AT) is an event dedicated to understanding the current state of autonomous navigation capabilities in the field of unmanned vehicles developed for military use. Taking place on the 28th and 29th of June at Läsna, Estonia, the event aims to allow companies active in the field to showcase their systems to a multinational audience of military experts.

The participating systems will be put through a series of increasingly challenging scenarios looking at the essentials necessary for on-road and off-road navigation: route planning, point-to-point movement, obstacle avoidance, etc.

The event is organised by the Estonian Military Academy and the Estonian Defence Forces with partial financing from the participating Member States of the iMUGS project. There is no participation or entrance fee for the event.


For participating companies

Markus Otsus

[email protected]

+372 5267 689

For visitors/observers

Elis Kuusik

[email protected]

+372 522 1965

For media

Mari-Liis Päären

[email protected]

+372 510 0231



28.06 schedule:

09:30 – 09.45 Introduction to the event and general safety briefing

10:00 – 11:30 Start of the scenarios in locations A, B and C

11:30 – 12:00 Break

12:00 – 13:30 Continuation of the scenarios in locations A, B and C

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch break

15:00 – 16:30 Continuation of the scenarios in locations A, B and C

16:30 – 17:00 Conclusions of the day and travel back to Tallinn


28.06 Scenario A

Scenario A schedule
Group 1
Starting time: Platform:
10:00 Charismatec OG
10:20 iMUGS
10:40 LEM SRL
11:00 Diehl Defence
Group 2
Starting time: Platform:
12:00 Nexter Robotics
12:20 Hentschel System
12:40 Czech University of Defence
13:00 Rheinmetall Canada
Group 3
Starting time: Platform:
15:00 ARX Landsysteme
15:20 Milrem Robotics
15:40 Star Defence Logistics ja Engineering


28.06. Scenario B

Scenario B schedule
Group 3
Starting time: Platform:
10:00 Milrem Robotics
10:20 Star Defence Logistics & Engineering
10:40 ARX Landsysteme
Group 1
Starting time: Platform:
12:00 iMUGS
12:20 LEM SRL
12:40 Diehl Defence
13:00 Charismatec OG
Group 2
Starting time: Platform:
15:00 Hentschel System
15:20 Czech University of Defence
15:40 Rheinmetall Canada
16:00 Nexter Robotics


28.06 Scenario C

Scenario C schedule
Group 2
Starting time: Platform:
10:00 Czech University of Defence
10:20 Rheinmetall Canada
10:40 Nexter Robotics
11:00 Hentschel System
Group 3
Starting time: Platform:
12:00 Star Defence Logistics & Engineering
12:20 ARX Landsysteme
12:40 Milrem Robotics
Group 1
Starting time: Platform:
15:00 LEM SRL
15:20 Diehl Defence
15:40 Charismatec OG
16:00 iMUGS



29th of June, Main visitor day

Navigation on forest roads, combined with off-road and forest floor navigation

9:00      Arrival on site, introduction to the event

10:00   Start of the scenarios

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 16:30 Continuation of the scenarios

16:30 – 17:00 Conclusions of the day and travel back to Tallinn

18:00   Arrival in Tallinn

19:00   Start of the evening event (by invitation in Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel )

The event is built up of six scenarios or routes, which all the participating UGVs will run through, with three simpler scenarios planned for the 28th of June, and three more challenging scenarios for the 29th of June.

The participating platforms will be divided into three groups, rotating between scenario sites and thus all the scenarios will be running simultaneously.

Upon arrival at the trial site, all visitors and observers will receive a booklet containing the exact locations of various scenario sites, as well as information regarding the timeslots when each platform is expected to run through a scenario.

Lunch for all participants and visitors will be provided at a location near the test sites.



Please be advised that the UGV-AT is an outdoor event and even though some cover from the weather is provided in the form of tents, most of the event will take place in open forested areas. An outfit comfortable for walking on the forest floor and off the roads is advised.


The weather in Estonia at the end of June is typically at around 15-20oC, although variations can range from 10-30oC. Please consult the weather forecasts prior to the event and plan accordingly.

Vegetation and animals near and around the trial site

In order to make your visit more safe and comfortable, please keep in mind the following.

Ticks and mosquitoes

The end of June is an active time for both ticks and mosquitoes.  Please be advised of the risk of Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis potentially carried by ticks, and carry out daily checks of the entire body to ensure that no ticks have attached themselves. If found, contact the medical personnel present on site.

Mosquitoes in Estonia do not carry any dangerous diseases but can be a nuisance in some forested areas.

Tick and mosquito repellents are available in all grocery stores and petrol stations.

Larger wildlife

There are two types of snakes in Estonia with the common European adder being the only venomous snake found in Estonian nature. The European adder can be recognised by a specific zig-zag pattern on the back.

Although attacks are very rare, bears, elk and wild boar should be avoided upon sighting, as animals with young ones might be aggressive.



The speed limit in regular Estonian highways is 90 km/h. On the Highway 1 heading towards Läsna, speeds up to 120 km/h may be allowed (depending on weather and road conditions), please pay attention to traffic signs.

We would also like to bring to your attention the zero tolerance policy towards alcohol when driving in Estonia.

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