The Unmanned Ground Systems Autonomy Trials (UGV-AT)



For special inquiries please contact:

Markus Otsus, [email protected], +372 5267 689

Elis Kuusik, [email protected], +372 522 1965.


The Unmanned Ground Systems Autonomy Trials (UGV-AT) is an event dedicated to understanding the current state of autonomous navigation capabilities in the field of unmanned vehicles developed for military use. Taking place on the 28th and 29th of June, in Läsna, Estonia, the event aims to allow companies active in the field showcase their systems to a multinational audience of military experts.

The participating systems will be put through a series of increasingly challenging scenarios looking at the essentials necessary for on- and off-road navigation – route-planning, point-to-point movement, obstacle avoidance etc.

The event is split between two days:

28th of June – preliminary and basic scenarios (on-road, open field navigation)

29th of June – Main event with complex scenarios

29th of June at 19:30 - Conclusions and hosted dinner in Tallinn (Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel)

Transportation from Tallinn to Läsna and back will be provided for the observers.

To participate as an observer in the Unmanned Ground Systems Autonomy Trials, please complete the registration form below. After registration, a confirmation letter will be sent to You by the organisers.

Please be advised that every member of your delegation must be registered separately.

The event is organised by the Estonian Military Academy and the Estonian Defence Forces with partial financing from the participating Member States of the iMUGS project. There is no participation or entrance fee for the event. For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact Markus Otsus ([email protected]) from the Estonian Military Academy.



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